3 MIEN Instant Noodles

Vietnam is always proud of its rich and diversified culinary scene, today the era of industrialization changes the busy pace of life, the need for fast convenience is increasingly popular, in order to save time.

Foreseeing that need, with the essence of Vietnamese culinary traditions everywhere in the country, now crystallized in 3 MIEN Noodles with unforgettable, delicious and nutritious flavor.

With the skillful enthusiasm of experienced craftsmen for the typical taste of 3 MIEN Noodles, even famous chefs in the world also give many compliments to the taste of Vietnamese food. Meanwhile, the taste of the people in each region of the country is different, which contributes to the diverse culinary culture of each region.


Ingredients noodles: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, palm oil, starch, salt, thickener, spices, potato flour, green bean powder …

Ingredients soup package: Salt, sugar, starch, shrimp powder, dried vegetables, chili powder …


Although the culinary characteristics of the country have now been harmonized with the flavors of the three homeland, the product is being loved by many people for its rich and sensuous taste.

If anyone has tried 3 MIEN Noodles, it will be difficult to forget the feeling of surprise and delight when realizing that a small noodle package brings so many typical flavors of national cuisine.