To be the premier marketer of “International Foods”

Now at TASA you can put your buying request for any product or product’s sample.

  • With the best quality, our products hold a reputation of being consistent with the absolute reasonable pricing.
  • TASA provides high-quality products and service to our clients, in tune with both your requirements and international vision.
  • We are ready to update the production information for each customers as their requirements all time. We are proud to offer our customers with best quality and the most competitive price.
  • At TASA we always listen to our clients and seek to understand and response to your queries and requirements with clear, prompt communications.

As Exporter: TASA is master supplier of international foods. We have partnerships and contracts with farms, factories and government food warehouses around the world.

Our Team: Professional talents and energies are concentrated on a few products to ensure successful market positioning, packaging, and sales plan execution.

Our Customers: Importers & Distributors, Food & Beverage, Hotels, Organic, Bio Natural Shops, Gourmet Shops, Delis Shop, Catering, Restaurants, Ship Suppliers, Ship Chandlers.

Quality Policy: With quality policy as “Prestige – Safety – Sustainability” applied in production, trading, service and investment activities, TASA’s leaders guarantee:

  • Processes of quality control are always complied with and thoroughly controlled in each step aimed at ensuring science, productivity & effectiveness.
  • Providing enough resources in order to maitain and regularly improve system of quality control.
  • Organizing activities of internal assessment, overcome action, preventive measures, data analysis, and periodical examination of leadership in order to assess and verify the realization of quality policy.

Mission: To be the premier marketer of “International Foods”, effectively partnering with clients and customers.