Agricultural exports through Mong Cai gain favorable results in 2021 early days

Nearly 5,000 tons of exported and imported goods including agricultural products were customs – cleared through border gates and openings at Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province) right on the first day after Lunar New Year.

According to the quick report of the Management Board of Mong Cai International Border Gate: On the first day of custom clearance ,18 February 2021 after Lunar New Year holliday, Bac Luan Bridge II border gate and Pontoon Bridge Km3+4 Hai Yen have started active performance, however, measures to prevent Covid – 19 have also been strictly implemented.

Exports and imports of agricutural products through Pontoon Bridge Km3+4 Hai Yen have seen relatively positive results in terms of both number of vehicles and quatity of goods, details as follows: On 18 Februray 2021, there were 143 vehicles (59 Chinese vehicles and 84 Vietnamese vehicles) transporting exported goods for custom clearance at estimated 3,500 tons, of which 4 vehicles of seafood (01 frozen shrimp, 01 live crab and 02 frozen squid) and 75 containers of fruits (dragon fruit and jack fruit); 27 containers of tapioca and 27 vehicles of other goods.

In addition, many other exported and imported items to serve industrial zones in Quang Ninh province have also been custom – cleared at Bac Luan Bridge II border gate, mostly of which are yarn products, electronic components and processed commodities.

It is known that about 50 containers of agricultural products will continue to be exported today. To ensure the safety for people, vehicles and exported goods, the Management Board of Mong Cai International Border Gate will coordinate with related border agencies to carry out measures for the prevention of Covid – 19 in a strict and effective manner.